A friend of mine was traveling in Canada a while back and ran across something strange. It was a stash of old movie film canisters, apparently from the late 1930's to early 40's. The labels were mostly missing and the few that remained were stained and torn. It took some doing, but eventually we located a compatible projector. What we saw was something amazing. Apparently these cans contained prints of an old movie serial called "Chip Meridian". Nobody we've talked to has ever heard of it, and there's no listing for it in IMDB.

We've watched them all, and they're kind of fun in a retro sort of way. The film had deteriorated over time, so we took one of the films to a lab to see if it could be digitally restored. We could only afford to restore the title sequence, which you can see here. We hope someday to restore entire episodes so future generations can enjoy this long-lost classic.